Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

Domain Hosting and Dedicated Hosting for Business

The question regarding which web site hosting service is the perfect one might be the main question any online business owner asks every time they open new business. A web hosting service is crucial for any successful e-commerce. A web server stores items for your website, run scripts for automatic functions in it, keep your operational costs low and many more. When it comes to the dollar-and-cents, a cheap web hosting service may not give the best value for money. So it is important that you do some research before you decide which web hosting service plan to lease. Web hosting directories like are great resources to find information regarding reputable and reliable web hosting services. There are two main groups of web hosting services: the shared web hosts and dedicated web hosts.

A shared web hosting service is generally much cheaper than dedicated or VPS (Virtual Private Servers) hosting because you share the hosting server with other users. If you wish to just start your first small online business, a shared web hosting service is generally sufficient and cost-effective option for you. However, shared web hosts have some risks too. One or the risk is, if any user in the server is detected of doing malicious act, other users in the same server may be at risk of being closed down. That is why it is important to choose reliable, well-respected web hosting service that offer money back guarantee to limit such risk. If you have several small online businesses, then multiple domain hosting may be the right option. A multiple domain hosting enables you to host new domains using the same account, so you do not need to find a new hosting service every time you open new online business.

The other group of web hosting service, dedicated hosting is the safest hosting option up to these days. Dedicated hosting is typically much more expensive than shared or reseller web hosting service because the server is dedicated to only you. Dedicated web hosting service is great for large online business due to its reliability, numerous capability, features and security. If you are looking for a new hosting or planning to transfer hosting, you could find a list of reliable hosting providers in which regularly evaluates and ranks web hosts based on their price-value ratios.

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