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Bost To Adsense

How to Boost your adsense earnings with a simple 4 step formula to tune your keywords 84 by copas

Here’s a good question. Which keyword is going to increase your adsense earnings: in other words get you the most click-money for your effort? In this article I am going to offer you some adsense and adwords tips which will help you to understand more about how this form of advertising works, and it will give you that bit more of an edge over your competition.

To get decent adsense pay it’s a bit of a balancing act between four different disciplines:

    Price per click (CPC)
    Click through rate (CTR)

Is there a difference between CPC and CTR?

The first two are actually very closely related and are simply a multiplication of the three, together, with a little modifier to work out what you could potentially make. There is some calculation somewhere that works out that if you multiply the potential traffic (the exact number in the google keyword tool), by the cents per click (cpc), by a little modifier of 0.005, then you will get roughly the amount that you would get if you were to get the first place on google.

The modifier basically accounts for the amount that google keeps to itself, the fact that you won’t get every click, and that you will not always get the click through rate that you hoped for. Click through rate by the way is what percentage of people land on your site and actually go and click on your ad. Anything over 10% is good!

Now most people will go looking for the top paying adsense keywords in terms of the adwords cpc that displays on the google keyword tool, and that is often in the finance industry!
Busy is better, even if the CPC is low

However that is WRONG thinking. If there is a very busy niche, and it gets a low cpc, then it will still end up with the same amount of money if you have a very quiet niche that gets a high CPC. In fact the busy niche is going to be better sometimes because the competition is easier: it can’t afford the SEO skills to get to the top of the ranking! And if you get any company offering to reveal some big secret or other to you to try to get you to part with your cash these are the big adwords secrets that they are going to be telling you. Some secret huh? It’s not! (Oh and in case you were wondering, there is no such thing as an adwords affiliate either!)

Lets go a bit deeper to examine this phenomenon so that you can see why getting the best paying adsense keyword isn’t always about the CPC rate and there are other factors involved.

Think of the following when you are looking for the top payers:

    What industry has money to throw away because it’s making A LOT?
    What industry relies on people’s desperation?
    What is really competitive?

Avoiding adsense failure
Adsense earning: sweet as eating chocolate?

You see "chocolate" (as an example keyword) really doesn’t cover any of these, so is going to be pretty low. On the other hand finance, mortgages, anything like that is going to be competing very heavily for the highest paying keywords. And the more they pay, the higher up the advertising chart they rise, and the more that people they will have coming to their website and giving them more money.

It’s sad to say, but the personal injury lawyers come pretty high too.

The highest top paying google adsense keywords that I have ever seen were for $50 a click, which would probably equate to about $30 in the back pocket of the website that got that ad to display. Usually though it’s under $10, but still good value.

The problem is, though it looks great to go after these big hitters, at the same time the finance industry is fiercely competitive. Not only that but if you are setting up your site in such a way as to attract people so that they might click on your ads (not good practice, but some people do), then you are going to have to compete with people who are paying professionals to do the same thing, and they will do it all day every day and be a lot better at it!

So yes, you can get those big hitting, killer Google adsense earnings keywords to display on your site but the big problem comes with it: competition. Basically you are going to be very lucky to rank highly with that keyword!

But wait, there is a way to get your adsense earnings to sky rocket… it’s sneaky and I shouldn’t really tell you so Shhhhhhhhh!
Long tails.

Yep, long tail keyword. First, make sure that you know how to get top paying keywords displaying on your site. Then once you have ensured that it’s time to go finding the long tail keywords – preferably those with 5 or 6 separate phrases. But don’t just put one of those phrases into your article or on your webpage: put a few in. About 10 over a 1000 word post if you can! Don’t make it look uncomfortable or spammy, just write naturally.

Now if you just put that keyword in once, then you will get ranked and found for that term, but your ads will still display the top ranking adsense keyword! Simples, as they say. But what about if you want to really turn up the heat and rank for those long tails?
Well now we come to linking.

If you are going to be successful at making adsense earn money for you then you can't just create and then leave your post, whatever it is.  It needs some linking into the wide web.

Write some more articles, and put them on other sites like ezine or here at hubpages. But this time, you want to put just ONE of the long tail keyphrases that you chose to put into your high paying keyword article in the title of a new article, and a couple of times in the rest of the document. Then put an intext link, using the longtail key phrase back to your original article.

The important thing to remember is that you aren’t really looking to rank for that second article. You aren’t even looking to get a decent adwords ctr or even a decent CPC rate. What you are wanting to achieve is getting a bit of google juice for that particular long tail directed at your money article. Create 3 to five separate articles for each long tail key phrase, and twice as many again for the top paying adsense keyword and point them all at your main article: one way links. And you can watch the article float to the top of the search engine.

Now you probably aren’t going to get to the top of the search engine for the keyword you really want ranking for (like ‘finance’) but you will probably rank for at least a few of the longtails! And if you rank for the long tails you will get the traffic, which is the last little part of the formula!
Adsense earnings: Google wants you to be successful!

I think one of the saddest things is when I read on forums time and time again that they feel that Google is out to get them.  It's as if they feel that they will never earn because for some reason Google thinks that they aren't worth giving money to.  Some people complain that they have worked hard and then for apparently no reason the big guy just closes their account.  I have noted though that many of these people who belly ache won't come forward and actually say what they were doing.  It's simple, the way of being successful is stay within the rules, and do work.  Because if you are writing good content that is successful in the search engines, and a real world pair of google engineer eyes come and sees it, they are going to like you.  You see, you are funnelling quality traffic to the people who actually pay Google.

That is why they provide all those Google tools to help you: google keyword tool, analytics and all the rest of it.
Final thoughts

So now you know how to make money with adwords that display on your google adsense box on your site: rank for the long tail traffic, make the adsense pop up through using keywords on your money article, and write some good stuff which links back to that article and you are onto am adsense earnings winner. Have fun, and let me know how you get on!

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